Protecting Our Community

RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus)


The adult vaccination is currently available at retail pharmacies. We are determining whether we can offer this immunization in our facility for our adult patients.

There are currently two approved vaccinations for adults to protect against RSV.

For children, two approved monoclonal antibody treatments are given preventatively to protect babies and young children from severe RSV infection. Monoclonal antibodies are not vaccines, but they do protect against RSV infection.  


Why is the RSV Immunization Important?

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is a prevalent virus that affects the respiratory tracts of patients, particularly the very young and elderly. While most healthy adults and children will experience mild cold-like symptoms, it can lead to severe respiratory issues in certain populations. The RSV immunization has been developed to counteract these risks, ensuring the most vulnerable are protected against potential complications.

Listed below are websites with pertinent information about the RSV Vaccine and the FDA approval process.

CDC Recommends a Powerful New Tool to Protect Infants from the Leading Cause of Hospitalization

FDA Approves New Drug to Prevent RSV in Babies and Toddlers | FDA

FDA Approves First Vaccine for Pregnant Individuals to Prevent RSV in Infants

COVID Vaccine Update

 Acton Medical Associates is proud to provide preventative vaccinations to keep your child well. For children under 3, it is difficult to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination in retail pharmacies. To help protect our pediatric population from vaccine preventable illness, we have partnered with the State of Massachusetts to administer COVID-19 vaccinations in our office for pediatric patients under 19 years of age.  

 We will offer the Moderna Spikevax 2023-2024 formula for patients 6 months – 18 years of age. This will be administered in our Acton office in clinics that will be available to schedule online through our website  

 For our patients 19 years of age and older, the COVID-19 vaccination is recommended. The timing is up to your discretion but should be administered at least 2 months after your last COVID-19 vaccination. We recommend scheduling with your local retail pharmacy as we are not planning to offer this vaccine in our offices at this time. 

 The side effect profile of the Moderna Spikevax 2023-2024 formula has not changed. Prepare for your vaccination by reviewing FDA Fact Sheet  

 Please check here routinely for updates as they will be posted here. As you are likely aware, our phone wait times can be long. We recommend utilizing the website for the most up to date information on vaccine availability. Our social media pages will also announce updates as they become available.  

Stay Informed

Your health, safety, and peace of mind are paramount to us. We will provide timely updates on the RSV and COVID immunization’s availability, so you’re never left in the dark. Please check back regularly.