Adult Medicine

The Adult Medicine care team at Acton Medical places a high priority on preventive care and wellness. We strive to connect with our patients on an individual level, taking a compassionate approach to overseeing your healthcare. Our medical visits are set up to allow for adequate time to talk about your condition, treatment, diagnostic tests, and referrals to a specialist.


Your care team consists of your Primary Care Physician and a nurse practitioner. Our dedicated team of nurses, medical assistants, patient service representatives, medical administrative assistants, and others work collaboratively to manage your healthcare needs. We are available for in-person visits, televisits for certain conditions, and Healow messages for non-urgent questions.

Screening tests may be recommended as a part of your annual physical exam to find diseases or conditions early, when they are easier to treat. The following is a list of routine screening tests which are recommended for healthy patients. Standards of care do change, so you should consult your physician if you need clarification.

Recommended Guidelines for Routine Health Screenings

Health ScreeningRecommended Guidelines
Physical ExamEvery year or every other year until age 40, followed by annual exams.
Vision ScreeningEvery other year.
Screening for Chronic Diseases
Cardiovascular DiseaseBlood pressure measured every visit. Cholesterol screening every one to five years.
DiabetesDiscuss your risk factors with your provider.
OsteoporosisDiscuss your risk factors with your provider.
Cancer Screenings
Breast Cancer ScreeningStarting at age 40 to 50, depending on your history. Your provider will determine how often.
Cervical Cancer ScreeningPap Smears for cervical cancer screening every three to five years until age 65.
Colorectal Cancer ScreeningStarting at age 45.
View schedules on CDC.gov

Adult Medicine Specialty Services

Cognitive evaluation

If you have memory or cognitive concerns, please discuss your care with your primary care provider. A cognitive evaluation with Christopher Bechtel, NP may be recommended, utilizing the Montreal Cognitive Assessment Test

Living With A Cognitive Impairment Resource Booklet >

Wound care

We offer on-site wound care for uncomplicated wounds

Diabetes care

Our team of diabetic nurse practitioners meet with patients to manage the health care needs of our diabetic patients. Many diabetic primary care patients will alternate visits with their primary care provider and diabetes nurse practitioner to provide comprehensive surveillance of their diabetes care needs.

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