Diagnostic Services

At Acton Medical Associates, we strive to provide comprehensive and convenient care for our patients. We offer many diagnostic services on site during regular business hours.

Diagnostic Services are available by appointment only.




  • Digital Radiography:

    All x-ray examinations are performed using high quality digital equipment. This allows for clear, precise images. Our x-rays are interpreted by the North Bridge Imaging Group, a dedicated team of radiologists at Emerson Hospital.

  • Bone density:

    On site access to bone density studies for screening and management of osteoporosis, interpreted by our staff Certified Clinical Densitometrist

  • Ultrasound:

    Many ultrasound examinations ordered by your provider can be performed on-site in our ultrasound suite, operated by Premier Ultrasound Services. Certain exams are performed at other locations. Our providers and radiology staff can help you determine the best location for you.

For best results, please follow the preparatory instructions for bone density and ultrasound testing.


  • Phlebotomy:

    We offer on-site phlebotomy services for our patients.

  • On-site lab services:

    We maintain a high complexity, State licensed lab at our Acton Location with the ability to perform many commonly ordered lab tests

  • Reference labs:

    Quest and Emerson Hospital Lab are our reference labs used for certain specialized testing requests.

  • Results:

    Results: most test results from in-house laboratory testing are available in 1-2 business days. Reporting tests from reference labs may take up to 2 weeks. Your results will be available to view on the Healow Patient Portal immediately upon resulting, without review by your physician. Your healthcare provider will communicate with you regarding your results via the portal, phone call, or letter depending on the urgency of the results.

Preoperative medical evaluations

  • Our dedicated pre-op team coordinates care for medical clearance with surgeons and surgical coordinators

Home sleep studies

  • Available to Acton Medical patients who are recommended for evaluation from their primary care provider.

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