Healow is the new patient portal! 

– Click here to read answers to the most common questions we hear from patients about setting up their Healow accounts. Healow replaced FollowMyHealth on February 8.

– Patients having difficulties trying to create an account can email PortalSupport@actonmedical.com.

Please be sure to try to create an account before contacting support.

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Healow Features

Acton Medical is pleased to offer patients the Healow patient portal to help manage their healthcare needs and medical records. Healow is a secure online portal provides the ability to:

 – Communicate directly with physicians – Receive answers to non-urgent medical questions from your desktop or mobile device anytime, anywhere.

– Make appointments and submit forms – Schedule appointments, or view details of past and upcoming appointments. Expedite check-ins by completing and submitting online forms to Acton Medical.

– Access test results and medical records – View test & lab results, and doctor’s comments within days of your appointment. Review personal medical records like clinical summaries, conditions, and medications, as well as personal health information from other health organizations participating in the Healow patient portal.

– Request prescription renewals – Send renewal requests for any of your refillable medications.

– Request referrals – Email your physician with your referral request, and determine the best specialist for your based on your medical history and symptoms.


Patients under 13 use Guardian Contact Info. as Registered with Acton Medical

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