Celebrate National Nutrition Month with Acton Medical

BY kyle | 03/05/2024

Discover a Sustainable Path to Health

**Update 03/05/24

Celebrate Nutrition Month with Acton Medical 

This March, Acton Medical warmly invites you to join us in celebrating National Nutrition Month, an initiative dedicated to enhancing our understanding of nutrition and its impact on our well-being. This year, we are placing a special focus on sustainability, gut health, and the benefits of plant-based diets under the expert guidance of our nutrition team. Barbara and Megan are both Registered Dietitians and Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist.  

Barbara and Megan are eager to explore a range of pivotal topics with you throughout the month: 




  • The Impact of Cooking Methods: Explore how different cooking techniques can affect the nutritional value of your food and learn how to choose methods that preserve nutrients and flavor, enhancing your overall health. 

Begin Your Health and Sustainability Journey with Acton Medical 

We encourage you to celebrate Nutrition Month by scheduling a Nutrition Visit with us.

Barbara and Megan are not just here to impart their knowledge; they are dedicated to supporting your personal health journey, offering tailored advice that resonates with your unique lifestyle and nutritional needs. 

To book your visit, please visit our website at actonmedical.com