Breathe Easy: Meet the Asthma Nurse Practitioner Who’s Making Airwaves in Patient Care!

BY kyle | 02/27/2024

Breathe Easy

My name is Tiffany McNamara, and I am a certified pediatric nurse practitioner. I am the pediatric asthma educator at AMA and I collaborate directly with your child’s primary care provider to determine how to manage your child’s asthma best. Specifically, I discuss ways to prevent ongoing symptoms and asthma episodes; to reduce the need for quick-relief medication and decrease hospitalizations; to maintain normal activity levels and play.

During a typical asthma visit, we discuss airway pathways and the mechanisms of response in these airways to illness and environmental factors based on your child’s medical history and asthma triggers. My goal for each patient is to create an individualized asthma action plan to enable families to treat asthma symptoms and exacerbations when they occur. As a team, I hope to attain better asthma management and significantly reduce any negative impact on you and your child’s daily life. 

To meet with Tiffany simply schedule a Non-Urgent Visit and list “Asthma” in the detailed reason for appointment section!

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