Adult Medicine

At Acton Medical, we make preventive care and wellness a priority. Your physician takes a compassionate approach to overseeing your healthcare; taking time to talk about your condition, treatment, diagnostic tests, and referral to a specialist.

Your physician may recommend screening tests as part of your annual physical exams to find diseases or conditions early, when they are easier to treat. The following is a list of routine screening tests which are recommended for healthy patients. Standards of care do change, so you should consult your physician if you need clarification.

Recommended Guidelines for Routine Health Screenings

Types of Screening Time Frame and Age Guidelines
Physical Exam Every year or every other year until age 40, followed by annual exams.
Routine Cholesterol Every one to five years.
Vision Screening Every other year.
Cervical Cancer Pap Smears for cervical cancer screening every three to five years until age 65.
Mammograms Starting at age 40 to 50, depending on your history. Your provider will determine how often.
Tetanus Booster Every ten years.
Second MMR Vaccine For all high risk adults born after 1957, as well as students and educational and medical personnel.
Pneumonia Vaccine Once for patients older than 65. May be more frequent or earlier if you have certain risk factors.
Flu Vaccine Annually for all patients.
Colonoscopy or Sigmoidoscopy Starting at age 50.
Diabetes Discuss your risk factors with your provider.
Osteoporosis Discuss your risk factors with your provider.

Our physicians have particular clinical interests and expertise within their field. Consultations about complicated problems are available. Please see our Medical Staff biographies for details. Should you need more specialized service not available at Acton Medical your primary care physician will refer you to the appropriate specialist.