Adult Medicine Care Teams

Adult Medicine Care Teams

Patient Care Continuity & Collaborative Ecosystem

At Acton Medical Associates we know the importance of providing seamless care and service to our patients so they can easily manage individual and family health care needs. COVID-19 changed the way that medical and health care professionals need to support patients. To further improve the patient experience, we’re pleased to offer patients enhanced support from dedicated Care Teams who collaborate regularly with your physician.

Our Care Team initiative centers around one main objective; creating a more personalized patient experience. We have decreased the number of different clinicians working with patients so that you and your Care Team members have a stronger personal relationship.

Care Teams are physician-led and work together to ensure that we meet the rapidly changing needs of our patients.

Dedicated teams strengthen and improve consistent care with a focus on high-quality, safety and convenience for patients of all ages. Specific areas of Care Team focus include;

  • Stronger collaboration between primary care physicians (PCPs) and nurse practitioners (NPs)
  • More direct patient sharing and coordination of care between PCPs and NPs
  • A system with structure and layers for coverage by dedicated Team members
  • Patients interact with a smaller number of providers to improve continuity

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